• C-ANALYSIS is for businesses of all sizes.  It is also suitable for departmental and functional uses ranging from accounts, sales and marketing, HR to operations, and more.
  • C-ANALYSIS is a simple and powerful tool for reporting and dashboarding.  Its Dashboard presents business data and insights in a visual, interactive and flexible way.  C-ANALYSIS is easy to use, and yet provides multiple levels and dimensions of the business information to derive greater insights.  It presents answers to commonly asked questions, and allows businesses to manage their performance in a dynamic way.
  • C-ANALYSIS connects directly to your business data from your ERP system and other data sources through Microsoft Excel or a database connection.
  • C-ANALYSIS is cloud-enabled and available on PCs and mobile devices like smart-phones.
  • C-ANALYSIS is affordable through a subscription-based pricing.  It can also be customised for on-premise deployment.


  • C-ANALYSIS Dashboard provides multiple tabs of business information that allows one to quickly glance through performance KPIs to deeper drill down of information to understand the parameters affecting the performance.




Performance Status Tab – provides a quick glance summary view of performance through 4 panels of information details.

You can add more panels of information details by flexibly adding and interchanging with those on the right of the Dashboard_3dashboard.






Dashboard_4The second tab is the Performance Map Tab of the business.  In this map, an overview of performance in a single page with cells and grids are presented through traffic light indicators showing the entire view and individual statuses of the business – “what” makes up the parts of the business performance.

You can further drill through each cell that leads to the Performance Analysis Tab for further analysis on “where” the over/underperformances are.

In the KPI Tab, you will be able to analyse the “whys” and what contributed to the over/under performances.

The Growth-Share Tab will enable and support the planning and resource allocation of the business by the showing the drivers of the business through panels highlighting growth and share benchmarks.



  • C-ANALYSIS does not require any software to be installed or hardware to be deployed.  It is a straight-out-of-the-box business reporting, dashboarding and business intelligence solution for businesses, departments or functions.  It does not require people or resources to build the reports.
  • C-ANALYSIS flexible and interactive dashboard views allow businesses to track many KPIs ranging from financial KPIs like revenue, expense, costs and profits to HR, sales & marketing, and quality KPIs, and across many dimensions such as regions, countries, products, and more.
  • C-ANALYSIS is available from $600 per month for up-to-5 users that includes support.  You can also sign up for a one-time training.
  • C-ANALYSIS is built on the latest web technologies like HTML5.  C-ANALYSIS solution is constantly updated with faster technologies and added features.