Call Recording is a feature used by a lot of people for a variety of different reasons, whether for personal or business. The conventional recording solutions are server based with licensing limitations as well as storage space to store calls recorded. Each new expansion on  recording port requires additional expenditure for upgrades that leads to expensive process with regards to hardware, licensing and rack space.

DUBBER (Broadsoft accredited), a built platform for Broadworks, has transformed a conventional call recording to the cloud where features and functions within the platform enable users to access and self-administer the recording service without the traditional headaches of deployment, management, upgrade and storage of call recordings.

DUBBER benefits the ability to deliver pricing models that previously unavailable for recording communication to our partners where allows flexible pricing to be tailored suit to client base. Users can now access unlimited value and benefit from Dubber’s Open API and Integrations with third party applications. This allows partner a great advantage when trying to win new business and entwines you as the service provide into your clients internal business processes.





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