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In today’s 21st century, consumer around the world are connected to Internet at all times everywhere.  With Internet, Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of internet connection all over the world. This has increase the consumer expectations of WiFi where they hope for free WiFi wherever they go e.g, travelling, dining. But how will it benefit businesses who offers free WiFi to their customer?

Purple WiFi is a powerful, secure and cloud-based solution that detects all nearby WiFi-enabled devices. It ensures that anyone using the internet service with public space such as cafes, hotels and etc are login to the network using social media where they require to simply Like the relevant Facebook page or tweet about their location to gain access.

“Presence Analytics bridges the gap between Google Analytics and the real world, offering real time data and reporting using WiFi technology. It’s similar to how cookies track user browsing online”. This information gives an unprecedented level of insight into consumer behaviour and opportunities to engage customers directly via Purple Portal. It allow businesses to understand who is vising and using the hotspot, how long they are online, as well as other relevant information that they offer in the social networking profile.

“We support an individual’s right to privacy and right to control the collection of information. They need to feel confident that information collection is in their best interest and once they understand the advantages of opting-in, in terms of better targeting and relevant offers, it is our belief that they won’t be opting out” – A note from Purple WiFi CEO

With Purple WiFi, our partners are able to assists their client business to:

  • Learn detailed demographic information like age, gender and geographical location
  • Gain valuable insights – how often customers visit, how long they stay, how they explore the venue – via Purple Portal, our unique reporting and marketing suite
  • Market to customers in real-time as they enter and browse your store or venue


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