By combining the procurement needs of our large client base, Corporate Innovations is in a unique position to secure competitive volume pricing structures from our preferred principals.

Our Principals who carry the world’s offerings recognize the benefits of dealing with professional procurement specialists and continually extend the best possible pricing structures to us due to our significant purchasing volumes

Recognizing our expertise in system building, design and integration services, our Principals utilize our skills to integrate their product offerings into the total solutions which we can continually develop for our client base.

By sourcing our materials and hardware from the electronics manufacturing hubs of China, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore and by integrating them with world best product solutions sourced from our various Principals, Corporate Innovations extends a unique value-added to both its Customers and Principals.


“COINS aims to achieve its lowest overall cost for goods and services procured, ensuring goods and services provided to meet required quality standards and/or expectation, and delivering correct quantities of goods and services at the right location at the specific time to it’s customers”.

To achieve the above, the process flow and policies are one of the main factor COINS is focusing.



  • Single Point-Of-Contact
  • Centralizing Ordering Process
  • Easy Monitoring And Tracking Of Goods
  • Specialize Team With Consultancy And Technology Expertise
  • Reduce Operating Cost Of The Organization
  • Business Focus
  • Managing One Vendor For Various Products
  • Enhancing Customer-Supplier Relationships